OpenStreetMap Plug-in

Do you need a lower cost solution for displaying background street maps? We have created a solution that uses freely available data from to display a base map within your GE Energy Smallworld Core Spatial Technology™ (CST).

Interoperability: Our plug-in can be loaded into the same application with other vendor's external data plug-ins. You have the ability to control which external data functionality is available to the user based on roles or number of users. This is a lower cost solution to providing external data to all your users compared to buying additional licenses.


Map Tiles

The OpenStreetMap Plug-in displays tiles directly from the OpenStreetMap or Mapquest Open website. This provides the most up to date data available and the best performance. The background supports any valid application coordinate system without any configuration. Local and in-memory caching is used for increased performance. Mapquest Open provides aerial imagery for the United States at no cost. Aerial imagery outside the United States is available at little cost.


You can search on any text that is available in the OpenStreetMap database. The following are some examples of what can be searched.

Geometry Selection

You can select geometry dynamically without the need to download actually download the data.

From here, you can expand on the information provided by OpenStreetMap such as name, use, revision date, etc.


Our OpenStreetMap Plug-in gives you routing capability. We interface with the routing engine of your choice, which with some providers have a free option.

You can either search for an address to use as the start/finish point or interactively select a point from the map view.

We provide support for both fastest and shortest routing methodologies. You can create a trail from the route to support long distance trail generation.



Off-line Access

This option allows you to cache the OpenStreetMap and Open Map Quest tiles and download data for use in Off-line mode. Both map and satellite data is supported. Searching is done by using downloaded cached data from OpenStreetMap. This functionality can be used by personnel out in the field with limited or no Internet access or in Emergency Response situations when Internet access has been lost.

Download OSM Data

FCSI has created the ability to download the OSM data directly into your Landbase dataset. We utilize a customizable mapping file that automatically downloads and maps the OSM data into objects in your database. Smart technology will allow you to periodically update only the data that has been updated on the OSM servers. This saves you time and effort of having to re-import or match existing data.