Managed Services for Smallworld

FCSI provides 100% hands-off Smallworld configuration services. We provide an integrated configuration service that includes source control services, build script maintenance, issue tracking, and automated release creation. We can be the interface between you, GE, other 3rd Party vendors, and your IT department to create a much more stable environment.

The Managed Service is a yearly service that includes the integration of any GE or 3rd party vendor patches or product updates. (See below for definition of update) The cost of this service starts at US$400/month. The actual price will vary depending on your installation

Integrated Solution

We provide a Trac environment that integrates source control of all GE Smallworld Core GIS code, Third Party vendor code, and customized code, with a detailed WIKI and Issue Tracking. This integration provides a comprehensive project management solution.

This service frees up your valuable time from dealing with configuration management. You will now be able to concentrate on developing more functionality in your applications and less time trying to figure out how to build and maintain the Smallworld installation.

This service enables you to support different environments (production, test, training, and development) through repeatable processes. Because the process is well defined and repeatable, you will notice a large improvement in the stability and usability of your Smallworld applications.

WIKI details

The WIKI contains detailed information about the source configuration, build scripts, start up, and backup scripts and much more. Since this is a WIKI, you and your team can add your own detailed information for your project members.

Integrated Tickets

The Ticket System allows you to document what changes are happening to your environment. You can optionally use your own ticket system or augment your ticket system with this integrated system for Smallworld specialized changes.

Integrated Forums

You can create your own internal discussions for better team collaboration and documentation.

All of these components can cross link for easy reference and navigation from Ticket to WIKI to Discussion.

Update Integration

This service provides year long updates to any installed GE or 3rd party vendor product. This includes any patches or updates provided within the same GE Smallwolrd Core release.

Updates are based on the Smallworld Core release and software installed at the beginning of the Configuration Service. For example, if you are running Smallworld Core 4.1.1 when the Configuration Service Starts, FCSI will update any installed product for Smallworld Core 4.1.1.

Build and Start Up Scripts

FCSI will modify your existing build and start up scripts to work under any configuration changes that is required by the initial reorganization. As part of the service, any changes required to support product updates will also be maintained.

FCSI will also help you with the maintenance of the latest Emacs from Igor and the MDT Eclipse environment.

Upgrade Support

Because this service documents the your configuration and scripts, you are in a much better position to upgrade to the latest release of Smallworld Core and all other products. FCSI can optionally support your efforts on the upgrade. From simple knowledge transfer to doing the upgrade, we will be there to support your future needs.

Unit Test Integration

As part of this service we will include a Magik Unit Testing framework (MUnit). This framework will contain working examples so you can easily add your own Unit Tests.

Shared Configuration Practices

This service is used by multiple sites. Lessons learned and best practices from other sites will be shared with you through the Managed Service FCSI provides to you.

FCSI strives to make your development life easier and more efficient.

Hosted Project Management

The Trac environment can be hosted at your facility or securely hosted in the cloud, which will provide automatic backups and high availability.